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Monday October 21
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Products & Services - Inspection Service by CMM's

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CMM Sub-Contract Inspection.
Kinematic Engineering Ltd have high accuracy CMM's and offer Co-ordinate Measuring and Inspection using our 5 axis Ultra High Accuracy XCEL 9 - 15 - 9 or 3 axis horizontal MicroPCR. Components are measured by CMM programming or from CAD data files provided in IGES or DXF format. Our XCEL 9-15-9 UHA and MicroPCR CMM's, offers Sub - Contract Inspection excellence to customers. This rare service in the quality field enables manufacturer's access to dimensional conformance verification. We are able to offer a fast & reliable dimensional measuring service for: -

  • Certification.
  • First off Inspection.
  • Batch production.
  • Tooling Setting.
  • Fixture verification.
  • Vendor dispute arbitration.
  • Reverse Engineering of parts to drawings.
  • SPC - Statistical Process Control.
We can run MicroMeasure IV or PCDMIS software on our machines to suit the client's preference. Large Capacity CMM measuring envelop Brown & Sharpe XCEL 9-5-9 UHA 900mm x 1500mm x 900mm. This 5 axis Bridge CMM is accurate to 6.8 microns (V3) and runs under MicroMeasure 1V or PCDMIS. Making this the machine of choice for large or small components that require multi facet access. Smaller Capacity CMM measuring envelop MicroPCR. This machine is a fast highly accurate shop-hardened horizontal CMM with a measuring envelope of 218mm x 210mm x 381mm. Currently calibrated to 3.5 microns (V3) making this the machine of choice for most small component measurements.
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