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Monday October 21
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Products & Services - CMM Upgrade service

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CMM Upgrade Service
We are agents for Brown and Sharpe CMM Upgrade Service. The CMM to be upgraded does not need to be a Brown & Sharpe CMM - almost any manufacturer type is upgradeable with PC-DMIS.

If you have a CMM that is not meeting your requirements for any reason and you want to bring it into line with current specification without the expence of total replacement please send full details of the CMM and its configuration. A specialist engineer will contact you to discuss the benefits of conversion.

We also upgrade Computers and Software for CMM's.

  • Productivity increases from faster computer technology. Note! CMM speed is un-affected by processor speed.
  • Y2K problems experienced by end users are largely consigned to history, however some users are still suffering from date related problems due to obsolete equipment that is unable to cope with the new century.
  • Larger application programs with enhanced graphics are overloading slow computers with small hard drives and insufficient RAM or graphics capability.
  • Additional application programs quickly fill an older computer drive causing lock-ups or loss of data.
  • SPC data is unavailable due to date problems or databases not accessible.

Key Benefits

  • Faster processor speed loads programs in a fraction of old system times.
  • Larger drive capacity allows newer programs and larger applications to run.
  • Software enhancements have been frequent in recent times.

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