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Monday October 21
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Products & Services - Fixture Design & Manufacture using CAD

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CMM Fixture Design
Designed using AUTODESK MDT6 our fixtures ensure components are held in their optimum position securely during measuring cycles on your CMM. Clamping positions an probing access are optimized by 3D solid modeling thus eliminating costly delays and alterations after manufacture

Key Benefits

  • CAD design flexibility.
  • Integration into PCDMIS software for CMM.
  • Transportable and generically adaptable.

  • Solid modeling in MDT6 .
  • IGES - DXF or Wire-frame output - Integration with PCDMIS.
  • Customer files accepted in IGES or DXF.
Using AutoDesk Kinematic Engineering Ltd specializing in the design of Holding Fixtures for components in the CMM field. Other mechanical design projects are welcome.

  • Gauge masters for Aerospace components.
  • Automotive Masters.
  • Holding fixtures.
  • General dedicated gauging.
  • General mechanical design.
  • Palletized Fixturing.
  • User re-configurable Fixturing.

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