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Saturday May 26
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PC-DMIS Geometric Software
PCDMIS for Windows is an advanced, user-friendly measurement and analysis program for any co-ordinate measuring machine. Its unique graphics based operator interface makes it possible to measure virtually anything from simple prismatic parts to complex, contoured surfaces like door panels or turbine blades.
Features include:

  • PC DMIS operating environment/user interface.
  • File handling.
  • Techniques measuring geometry - Best Guess Algorithm.
  • Alignments.
  • Construction features.
  • Graphical manipulation.
  • Reporting techniques.
  • Probe qualification.
  • Editing part program.
  • Execution of part program – re-teaching measurement.
  • Clearance planes (DCC only).
  • Feature orientated inspection.
  • Reverse engineering.
  • Cad interface reading IGES files, creating views.
  • Curves and Surfaces option for PC-DMIS.

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