: Application Programming

CMM Application Programming requires an engineer who not only has the ability of developing a logical sequence of selective commands to achieve the measured results. It also requires the engineer to have the practical knowledge on how it was machined or produced. A production process may use auxiliary datum's (not always shown on the engineering drawing) causing a miss match between the true datum's and the related/expected measurement results. In other words, two different measurement reports are required, one for the Production Engineer in line with the production process and one for the Quality Control Engineer/End User. We can provide support with this common dilemma!

: CMM Auxiliary Products

In need of a standard or special style in the form of a single or star configuration. Auxiliary products, probe heads, tooling are also available. Submit your specification and quantity and we'll source a quote. Discounts on list prices may be available on certain products and probe head repairs and replacements.

: CMM Inspection & SPC Control

We offer a service to all manufactures of components that require evidence for the control of product quality. This evidence is recorded into a unique Measurement Record for each sample tested, the critical features and their tolerances traceable to the engineering drawing(s) being applied.

: CMM Metrology - Dimensional Inspection

Control of Product Quality for those who manufacture components and require the interchangeability of these components with other parts in a sub-assemble or fully finished assembly need to ensure dimensional accuracy. Evidence of this control can be provided in the form of a Measurement Report which supports the engineering drawing information.

: CMM Software support for Avail, MM4 and PCDmis

Off-site support is available to modify any old approgs within your suite of application programs created by absent/past employees.

: CMM Software Training

We can offer training to three levels of CMM software training. These are basic, intermediate and advanced levels covering all that you need to know to develop concise and accurate measurement results output reports.

: CMM Sub contract Inspection

Our UHA XCEL 9159 Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) has a measuring volume of 900 mm X 1500 mm X 900 mm. The control of the machine and dimensional measurement software is PCDmis.

: Component Holding Fixture Design & Manufacture

When you are involved in the Control of Product Quality one of the key elements is to present and hold the said product such that the CMM probe and styli can access all the features for measurement. Our design and manufacturing facility can provide a suitable solution.

: Control of Product Quality

All manufactured parts these days require some form of product control. This will ensure interchangeability with the other parts in a sub assembly and the final finished product allowing it to function as per the designers expectations.

: First Article Inspection Reports

We offer a First Article Inspection service to report the results for products requiring a dimensional check in accordance with a supplied drawing and specification. Where required these results can also be transposed in to a bespoke report format for the end user.

: Test Item Dimensional Reports

We offer a Test Item service to report the results for products requiring a dimensional check in accordance with a supplied drawing and specification.

: Turnkey Application bundles

A complete solution can be created off-site and then present to your works with out disturbing the pass off your current work schedules. From Design and manufacture of the holding fixture to the development of a suitable fool proof application program and measurement output reports.