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Monday October 21
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Sub-Contract Test Item/Control of Product Quality - Inspection Service.

We produce dimensional measurement records for  FAIR, R&D, Large Batches, First-Off or Reverse Engineering on any machined or manufactured component part that requires evidence of the Control for their Product Quality.

Every component is subject to the specifications submitted by our customers and programmed on our high accuracy Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) producing a unique Measurement Report for each sample. 

Require a Complete Turnkey package that includes the design and manufacture of a suitable holding fixture(s), the creation of the application program(s), measurement output reports, software and operator training can be taylored to your needs.

We can also provide either on or off-site application programming support.

Our Laboratory has a High Accuracy CMM ready for use to Dimensional Inspect any component or sub assembly that will fit our 900 mm x 1500 mm x 900 mm measuring envelop.

Support for customers with MM4 or PCDmis measurement software available.

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       Certificate No. 11176

By fixing the 6 Degrees of Freedom exactly onto the Test Item we accurately define the Cartesian Co-ordinate System and the Sytem Origin.