Coordinate-Measuring Machine


    We provide CMM service and calibration or arrange it via our technology partners for almost any make of CMM including the certification to a variety of standards from ISO to UKAS. Key benefits of our CMM service and calibration include:

    : Calibrations to ensure accuracy to international standards
    : We use only suitably trained companies and engineers
    : We use only manufacturers approved components
    : Your information is entered onto a database

    Capabilities include:

    : Calibrations to ISO 9001 Controls or UKAS standard
    : B89 Specification
    : CMMA Specification
    : ISO10-360 Specification
    : VDI/VDE Specification
    : Machine fault diagnosis and repairs carried out efficiently

    We provide professional CMM upgrade services if you have a CMM that is not meeting requirements for any reason. Our CMM upgrade service will bring it into line with current specification without the expense of total replacement.

    We upgrade computers and software for CMMs for:

    : Faster processor speed loads programs in a fraction of old system times

    : Larger drive capacity allows newer programs and larger applications to run

    : Software enhancements have been frequent in recent times

    Our unbeatable fixture design and manufacture using CAD ensures components are held in their optimum position securely during measuring cycles on your CMM. Clamping positions and probing access are improved by 3D solid modelling therefore eliminating costly delays and alterations after manufacture

    Key benefits:

    : CAD design flexibility
    : Integration into PCDMIS software for CMM
    : Transportable and generically adaptable